Saturday, June 12, 2010


So apparently I made Trixie mad in the last blog by saying she never posed for pictures. She decided to be cooperative and pose for me even though her feelings were still hurt that I bashed her in my last blog:-) Anyway here are pictures of my Trixie shoot.

Outdoor Photography

When the conditions are just right I love shooting pictures outdoors. This morning I got some great shots because it was early and cloudy and the lighting was perfect. No harsh sunlight! My cat Gehrig is probably the most photographed cat in the world. I love taking pictures of him for several reasons. First, I love the colors of his fur. They are very distinctive and I feel like they just pop in pictures. Second, he is a good cat and will usually pose for me and sit still. His sister, Trixie on the other hand is a terrible subject because she is constantly moving and her fur is almost all white. She is usually just a white blur in pictures. I have learned a lot about photography with Gehrig's help. He doesn't get impatient like a person would and lets me take as many pictures of him as I want. I can use him to try different settings and options. This morning I let him outside to play for the first time in about a week. He was enjoying every minute of it. Here are a few of the pictures from the Gehrig session:-)