Thursday, March 11, 2010


The title of this blog should be Attempted Artistic Endeavors!

My whole life I have had to deal with the artistic talents of my whole family: Musical, painting, writing etc. They are all extremely creative people. Well apparently I received my mother's gene which means I am tone deaf and un artistic. As I get older I realize that what I thought was artistic and creative doesn't have to be just one person's definition! In my last job I realized that planning leagues and creating programs was my way of having a creative outlet. Since I lost my job I found I was at loose ends and I really needed creativity in my life other than just planning meals. Although I will say I was very proud that after 2 years of marriage I learned to cook and found that I was pretty good at it! And I may share a few of my favorite dishes on here(Does that make me a frightening suburban housewife?)

Anyway back to my artistic journey :-) I decided to go back to one of my first loves which is photography. When I was younger I used to use my dad's Pentax camera to take pictures at Macon Braves games. I remember just trying to get that perfect shot and having to wait a few days to get the photos developed. I love digital cameras! I was planning on going to school to be a photographer until I was around 15 or 16 when I decided that I wanted to major in English. Of course once I realized that I didn't really want to teach I switched to Sport Management which is now my true passion. But photography will always be a huge part of my life and it is my chosen method of "creative outlet." And probably what I will end up doing as a profession when the sport industry burns me out in 10 years:-) So I bought a really nice camera with my retirement money(thanks Y!) and I have spent the last year trying to learn all I can about photography. Anyway this blog will be dedicated to artistic endeavors whether it be photography or my new attempt: painting.

Ahhh painting. I cannot draw a straight line! But I have decided to push my creative envelope and attempt to paint. We will see how it goes. But this is a time in my life when I think its time to jump out of my comfort zone. The thing about losing your job is it opens up a whole world of possibilities and options. So I hope you will join me on my artistic endeavors, whether they are failures or successes!


  1. Snooze I feel your pain - I am un artistic as well. But you photos are amazing!!!

  2. Oh you are very artistic silly!!!