Thursday, March 11, 2010

New (Old) Equipment

Well I am pretty excited about some new photography goodies I received.

Yesterday I was at my parents and telling them about an upcoming photography job I had taking pictures at a father/daughter dance. I was telling my Dad how I needed to go buy a tripod and lights. He got this look on his face-- Mysterious smirk. He told me to go to the bonus room which is our storage area and bring down the old, brown box. So I did.

I opened it and there were some cool lights. My dad said they were my Grandpa's. He used them as movie lights. I plugged them in and they are BRIGHT! They got hot really fast so I am not sure if they will be practical to use but they are pretty neat. I am not sure how old they are but they look pretty old.
He also gave me a tripod that used to be Grandpa's. It is very sturdy but not too heavy. I am very excited that I don't have to go buy one now. And I think its really cool that they were my Grandpa's. My dad also used them when he used to be in to photography. Family heirlooms are pretty special!


  1. That is awesome! I love old cameras and old photog equipment. Can't wait to see what you can shoot using those lights!

  2. I had no idea this happened... how cool, Snoozer! Which Grandpa did they belong to?