Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Baseball Photography

So I decided that May would be my photography month. I am out of school until June 7th so that left me with days full of plenty of time to focus on my photography. Somehow though it is May 26th and I have barely lifted my camera except for the numerous graduations and other events that have occurred. So when my husband and I went to the Braves game for our anniversary I was determined to take my zoom lens and get some good shots. It was the first time I took my Canon Rebel XSi to the Braves games so I was excited to attempt to get good pictures. Well it turned out to be the most exciting game ever as Brooks Conrad hit a game winning, pinch hit, grand slam. It was amazing. And I captured almost every moment with my camera. I feel that these were the best pictures I have ever taken. It was much easier to take pictures in sunlight than in a dark bar like I do at concerts. Which I get very frustrated with! Here are just a few of my favorite pictures from the game. They were all taken at 1/500 shutter speed, f/8.0 and ranged in ISO from 100-200.

Brooks hitting the grand slam!

Celebration at the plate!
Brooks thinking it was an out!

You can check out more pictures from the game here or on my Flikr!

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